weIFRS9® is our automated solution for IFRS9 calculations and compliance reports for corporations. It provides robust statistical results based both on the simplified and on the econometrics approach. It is already trusted from auditors and regulators worldwide and provides a safe and sound solution to the annual compliance IFRS9 report obligation, especially on the trade receivables provisions.

Suitable for: IFRS9 Compliance Reports


CREDITARK® is our solution for credit risk management and order-to-cash optimization. It prevents losses from delayed or unpaid receivables and maximizes profits from healthy sales. This is achieved through an innovative credit scoring mechanism that combines behavioral, qualitative and quantitative data and a bespoke portfolio credit limits optimizer. It has a unique pro-active credit policies builder that provides high accuracy measurements on numerous credit practices on a business unit, trade channel and customer level. CREDITARK® facilitates Group risk and order-to-cash monitoring significantly.

Suitable for: IFRS9 Compliance Reports, IFRS9 Monitoring & Management, Corporate Trade Credit Policies & Practices, Counterparty Credit Risk Appraisal, Credit Management Procedures Outsourcing


CREDITBUY® is a unique solution that provides real-time credit terms for B2C and B2B sales requests. It has the ability to automatically calculate big data sets from the user’s ERP, CRM core systems and external information from Credit Bureau and Business Information sources. This holistic approach safeguards micro financing effectiveness for both the seller and the buyer and finally offers real time vetting for prospect & existing customers’ applications.

Suitable for: Real-time Credit Trade Terms for B2C & B2B Sales


RISKVENT® is our solution for counterparty credit risk assessment. This solution incorporates a credit model factory, a scoring mill, which is able to support numerous scoring algorithms that apply to any type of counterparty, from individuals, sole traders to large corporations. This credit risk assessment dashboard allows a multi-level evaluation process from officer to senior management. It covers entirely the needs for quantitative and qualitative credit risk analysis for businesses by offering a set of advanced tools as full financial and cash flows analysis for annual or interim statements or even trial balances, automatic financial ratios estimation and automatically created financial projections.

Suitable for: Counterparty Credit Risk Appraisal, Credit Cards Application Scorecards, Retail & Personal Loans Application Scorecards, Mortgages Application Scorecards, Small Business, Loans Credit Risk Rating, Corporate Loans Credit Risk Rating


VENDORARK® is our solution that accurately monitors and predicts a vendor’s viability by using internal and external behavioral quantitative and qualitative data. It reduces going concern significantly and allows diversification in supply chain management.

Suitable for: Suppliers’ Viability Appraisal & Monitoring


DΕΒΤICON® is our 360 solution for debt buyers and servicers that are in the need for an accurate, objective, self-cured and time-effective solution that addresses the challenges of portfolio valuation, data validation and data enhancement for the bidding and on-boarding procedure. We offer a cutting-edge on-going support through this solution by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks analytics in portfolio segmentation, measurement and recovery strategies.

Suitable for: Portfolio Data Validation, Portfolio Valuation, Portfolio Data Enhancement, Portfolio Segmentation & Profiling, Recovery Strategies, Portfolio Performance Measurement