We offer Proprietary Software Solutions engineered by Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,to Companies and Organizations worldwide that face Sales Growth, Credit Risk Management & Compliance challenges. Our Solutions replace decision-making processes that are still based on Instinct, Heuristics and Empirical knowledge with Science, Technology and Automation.

Our proprietary analytics solutions focused on

  • Customer Value Management & Customer Behavior Predictive Analytics
  • Credit Risk Management Optimization
  • Financial (IFRS9) Regulatory Compliance
  • Buy-now Pay-later “BNPL”

We are sector agnostic but we have a deep knowledge in:

  • Energy Providers
  • Telcos
  • Utilities
  • NPL Servicers
  • B2C and B2B Sales on Electrical & Electronic Appliances
  • Household Furniture and durable Equipment
  • Machinery and Industrial Goods
  • Building Materials