Our Team

Advisory Board

Marc Shaedeli

With 20 years’ experience in the risk management area, Heading the Group Risk Management Function of Nestlé for the past 14 years, Marc is a world class advisor in research and development of new solutions that will fulfill corporations’ needs in risk management. His global perspective offers a treasure of know-how in understanding the challenges that our client may have on a group level. Marc is one of the best ambassadors for WEMETRIX efforts’ in international business development.

André Salaam

More than 14 years of experience in managing teams within Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and EY, provide a solid ground to advocate that André is a perfect match in advising WEMETRIX team delivering robust analytical tools to corporations and financial institutions. His deep knowledge in algorithmics, neural networks and mathematics allows our company to match all new methodological developments and reach out for auspicious R&D results. André is also excellent to benchmark our solutions with international competition at a glance and thus keeping our team in continuous constructive alert.

Managing Team

Panos Michalopoulos
Partner – Business & Product Development

More than 20 years in managing teams in the areas of credit risk management and business development.
He started his career with PwC as a professional consultant focusing in business planning and risk appraisal. After leaving PwC, Panos found several companies in the areas of business information and credit analytics. During his entrepreneurial route he achieved to establish strategic partnerships with Standard & Poor’s Risk Solutions, Moody’s Analytics and sell Risk Management solutions to banks and multinationals.

Chris Giannakopoulos
Partner – Business Analysis & Delivery

As a professional Chris has more than 20 years of experience in projects where business analysis was always the stepping stone. Chris started in PwC where he was member or led teams of experts working on Accounting, Financial Analysis, Data Modeling, Investment Appraisal and Business Process Re-organization. Chris was one of the founding partners of Hellastat where he developed the innovative Market Insights Unit that with the use of predictive analytics provided forecasts on industrial and social behavioral patterns of the Greek Economy. Chris holds an MSc in Finance & Banking from University of Piraeus and a BSc in Accounting from University of Western Attica.

Gikas Manalis

Gikas Manalis, has served as C-Level executive in top notch institutions in Greece such as the National Bank of Greece, Hellenic Exchanges (Athens Stock Exchange), Attica Bank, First Business Bank and Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). He was heading the team of experts of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF / ΤΑΙΠΕΔ) and currently holds the position of Chairman of the BoD in Cerved Properties and in wemetrix. Gikas has a PhD in Finance from City University of London, MSc in Banking and Finance from Sheffield University and an BSc in Business Administration from Piraeus University.

John Garos
Director – Technology & Analytics

Within the last 14 years Quantitative Data Analytics was the main area of John’s professional career in design or developing Decision Support Systems. John combines mathematical, econometric and software development skills and expertise giving him the ability to easily understand business needs and translate them to his teams’ members as to deliver accurate results in financial risk assessment projects. John holds a BA in International & European Economics from Athens University of Economics & Business, an MSc in Econometrics & Mathematical Economics from London School of Economics and an MSc in Economics from Brown University.

Apostolos Ypsilantis
Director – Operations

Through his career, Apostolos was focused in managing projects in the area of Business Operations. He is an experienced professional and has been part of major Business Planning and Business Transformation projects. Apostolos has the knowledge to understand and manage challenges from the areas of credit, finance, IT and data analytics. He has excellent communication skills and more than 10 years in Project Management. Apostolos holds a BA from Newport University and an MBA from University of Wales.

Panagiotis Tsiogas
Director – Business Development

For nearly two decades, Panagiotis was involved in several projects related to Operational and Retail Banking activities for many Financial Institutions. He led team of experts with major scope to achieve optimum day-to-day business management with retail clients in various product lines as well as being in compliance with all the regulatory framework and directives. Panagiotis an experience professional in implementing operations in business development referring to lending and risk compliance. Panagiotis holds a BSc in Business Administration, Accounting & Finance from Deree and an MBA from ALBA.