The Advisory Board

Marc Shaedeli

With 20 years’ experience in the risk management area, Heading the Group Risk Management Function of Nestlé for the past 14 years, Marc is a world class advisor in research and development of new solutions that will fulfill corporations’ needs in risk management. His global perspective offers a treasure of know-how in understanding the challenges that our client may have on a group level. Marc is one of the best ambassadors for WEMETRIX efforts’ in international business development.

André Salaam

More than 14 years of experience in managing teams within Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and EY, provide a solid ground to advocate that André is a perfect match in advising WEMETRIX team delivering robust analytical tools to corporations and financial institutions. His deep knowledge in algorithmics, neural networks and mathematics allows our company to match all new methodological developments and reach out for auspicious R&D results. André is also excellent to benchmark our solutions with international competition at a glance and thus keeping our team in continuous constructive alert.

Christos Kontellis

For more than a decade Christos is heading business development for INTRASOFT International Group worldwide. He is the spearhead of group’s new ventures and all efforts in making sales across sectors and geographies. He has an excellent record of successes in launching out-of-the box practices aiding his teams in achieving high targets. WEMETRIX has a sort of an “in-house” top caliber professional that provides all those necessary checks and balances needed for an evergreen business development function on a global level.